• The Original

    Billiard Hall

  • burgers

    made fresh

  • bottles

    on ice

  • dynamic seating

    for everyone

  • Ice Cold Beer

    On Tap

If the game is on, we’re open.


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Dining, Billiards & More

Blizzard Cold Beer on Tap.

We use the Blizzard Beer System to ensure your  beer dispenses at 29 degrees. Ensuring less foam, cold beer & great taste.

We think our version of a Blizzard is much better than the one outside.
Try it out for yourself.

Fresh ingredients.
beef thats never frozen.
always prepped the day its served.

Friendly Staff.
Quality Service.
Hard Work, For you.

Every morning our staff comes in bright and early.  We start with Soaping, sanitizing and cleaning. Then move onto hand slicing veggies, creating our patties and finalizing prep work for the lunch rush.

During the day our staff provides a family friendly environment fit for any situation.

At night the bar comes alive with bands, karaoke, sports & more.  As with the day shift, more prep work occurs as we gear up for the evening rush.

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